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Welcome to the Catawba County Alcoholic Beverage Control

Catawba County ABCIn 1937 North Carolina's General Assembly created a uniform system of controlling and regulating the sale of distilled spirits in our system: A State Board of Control - The ABC Commission - was established to oversee the issuance of alcohol permits, tax guidelines, product selection, and uniform prices throughout the state. However, ABC stores are not owned or operated by the state... NO state or local tax funds are used to support local ABC systems. Each city or county unit is allowed to vote on establishing its own stores. We are the Catawba County ABC serving the citizens of Catawba County.


How Our Sales Benefit Everyone...

Catawba County ABCDistilled spirits are the highest taxed form of alcohol in North Carolina.  Increases in state excise and sales taxes affect your cost.  What remains unchanged is how the Catawba County ABC distributes profits from the sales of distilled spirits in Catawba County.  Each year, dollars return to local government  for the benefit of everyone.  Our distributions show how we are an essential component of the health and safety of our community. 

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